zara larsson love me land

Zara Larsson – Love Me Land

Swedish-pop singer/songwriter Zara Larsson has dropped her highly-anticipated release “Love Me Land” with its accompanying music video. The single with dance, synth-pop influences has the potential to become a surefire hit this summer. Interpret it how you want, but “Love Me Land” doesn’t have to be a physical place. It can be a place in your mind or heart in which you can love again.

Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter had a hand at co-writing the single who both are responsible for some of the biggest pop hits from artists such as Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, and Fifth Harmony.

The accompanying music video matches the sexy vibe with Larsson dancing solo in a sparse cube which looks like it hailed from a sci-fi fantasy. She oozes confidence throughout the clip and that’s what it’s all about– coming from a place of vulnerability and passion.

“I wrote [the track] with my friends Justin and Julia after a long period of writing for my sophomore international album. It felt like a kind of ‘eureka’ moment in understanding the journey I’ve gone on in discovering what it is to be a woman and an artist. The song is about accidentally falling in love, but owning it, and I think that combines two things I do well– female empowerment and pop bangers! At the moment, we’re all experiencing this scary, unknown world and having to endure some hard realities: I hope this can provide a little escapism for everyone, because sometimes dancing can solve everything, even just for a moment.”

The track paves the way for the long-awaited arrival of her sophomore album which promises to be the biggest pop blockbusters of the year. To the song title that sounds like it could be the name of a theme park: welcome to “Love Me Land.”

Watch the music video below: