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Mustafa Teams Up with James Blake on “Come Back”

After making his debut in March with the highly acclaimed track “Stay Alive,” Toronto-based Grammy award-winning Mustafa Ahmed releases “Come Back,” another soulful song off his anticipated album. James Blake who had previously worked production on “Stay Alive” is also back, but this time accompanying him on the track.

Drawing towards his poet persona, the song is short but sweet, with absolutely moving lyrics. Starting off with a repeated emotional cry for the return of a lost loved one. To then describe so eloquently the tough experience going through such an episode– “If she runs her fingers through my past, she may lose the softness in her hands.” Followed by Mustafa and James coming together to harmonize their voices to play out a soothing call to end the track– “Please come back, at least in my dreams.”

This live video rendition is directed and shot with beautiful visuals by Nabil (director for Kanye West, Travis Scott, and more), with James on the piano supporting background vocals as Mustafa takes the lead with a soulful emotional call in a studio booth. A very simple video concept yet leaves you with emotional chills throughout the song.

Mustafa dedicates the song to his close friend rapper Jahvante Smart (Smoke Dawg), who tragically passed away in June 2018.

Stating in a press release he thanks James and leaves you with words to reflect upon from the song. “Perpetually grateful for James who helped free me of my own emotional burdens when I was young, to now helping me free these stories of those who’ve passed too young. Today marks 2 years without Smoke Dawg. I pray the people you lost come back to you in the form that heals you best, if not a memory, a dream, if not a dream, in their sibling’s eyes, if not that, then in the way you carry yourself.”

To anybody who has ever lost a loved one, this song will leave you bursting in tears. It is a perfect song that speaks to sentimental trauma many feel of the person they miss. To anybody who hasn’t, it will still leave you moved and want to cry. You can’t help but think how much this song is relevant in today’s on-going issues in the world. It takes only a special artist to create what Mustafa has done.

James also spoke to this point on social media– “First of all, he’s my friend. He’s worked on some of my songs you’ve yet to hear, and he’s taught me things that are forever crystallized in the music I’ll give to you this year. Mustafa’s songs illuminate what you haven’t yet seen and then you can’t remember life without having seen it. You’ll know what I mean when you listen to this and then to the rest of his music. He’s not like anything you’ve heard before. I promise you. Thank you, Mustafa, for letting me accompany you for this beautiful song.”

Mustafa is not just any artist, with worldwide recognition from artists like Drake, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, it is quite obvious to see there is something so special about his musical ability, that cannot be justified in a description, but like James pointed out once you hear him it’s a feeling like no other.