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Naaz – Mute Love

Holland-based, Kurdish artist Naaz has long since proven that she’s one to watch. She’s been named one of Forbes “30 under 30,” and has toured with both Hayley Kiyoko and Melanie Martinez. After releasing her critically acclaimed EP the beautiful struggle, Naaz is back with even stronger, new material. “Mute Love” is the culmination of an ever-evolving artist who’s starting to truly grow into herself, and is owning her talent.

Naaz has managed to truly perfect the Venn-diagram of quirk, whimsical, and emo-pop with this latest record. The production on “Mute Love” echoes earlier releases, such as “damage” and “Loving Love”, which goes to show that despite her young age, Naaz has already carved out her own niche and signature sound. Melodically, the song blooms beautifully from a soft piano-track to a soulful power ballad that centers her voice.

“Mute Love” is packed with emotion, born out of Naaz lamenting the time spent away from her best friend while touring. It’s a heartfelt ode to how love can ground you and embrace you, even if distance is keeping you apart. Of course, in this new era of social distancing, feeling loved despite the lack of physical contact has become an ever more important theme in people’s lives. For Naaz, however, “the lyrics gained more meaning after it motivated me to leave a toxic situation in my life that had affected me greatly. The way ‘Mute Love’ sounds and makes me feel, helped my grief, as it reminded me of what true love really is, and what it is not. To me, love isn’t about giving, it is not even about being present, it is simply about knowing you are there, even when it is not expressed, even when it is mute – it is still love.”

By combining an ethereal video-aesthetic with enchanting lyrics like “don’t need my senses to sense that you love me / I could be paralyzed and still feel every day,” Naaz expertly captures the feeling of unwavering, steadfast and unrelenting love.

Not only does she demonstrate her excellent lyricism with “Mute Love,” but the track also carries a newfound confidence and self-assuredness that are more than deserved. Far from mute, it seems like Naaz has really found her voice. With a new album on the way, we cannot wait to hear the stories she will tell.

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