merci, mercy fall apart

Merci, Mercy – Fall Apart

Combining youthful, quirky lyrics with an intensely catchy beat, 19-year-old merci, mercy, juxtaposes her tough exterior with her all-feeling, tender heart on new alt-pop anthem “Fall Apart.”

Opening the guitar-led offering with her bold yet sweet vocals cutting straight to the point, “No doubt you’ll think I’m crazy/You’ll know when your heart gets wasted/I know you can’t save yourself, but why would start when I know we’re gonna fall apart,” merci, mercy is refreshingly candid about mental health, self-doubt, and the cynicism associated with love.

On the track, her cynical side is out for everyone to see as she puts her hands up in a placating, apology-in-advance to the loved one she’s yet to meet but is sure she’ll hurt in the future anyway – because that’s how it always goes!

Drawing from her own exposure to the fickle nature of people, while living abroad in China and Thailand as a young teen- learning early on that familiarity in relationships can fade  – the singer/songwriter delivers this second release with the sophisticated confidence of a veteran yet the energetic vibe of a youngster learning the ropes of life. “Fall Apart” boasts a honeyed, earworm melody that instantly grabs your attention, but where the track shines is the brilliant lyrics. Effortlessly painting a picture of a young girl, with put upon nonchalance but insecurities galore – “I’ve got blue hair but I’m still weak in my knees” the track is relatable and warrants smashing the replay button a good number of times.

The track accompanied by a vibrant lyric video -with a neon pink background– “Fall Apart” comes after her brutally honest, intimate debut single “Fucked Myself Upwhich touched upon her struggles with social anxiety. Encouraging conversations about mental health, the rising star is taking the important narrative forward on her latest offering.