photo: Aaron Crossman / EUPH.

LP – The One That You Love

On her new single LP says, “I feel like I allowed myself to conjure up all of the genres I love and just let it rip, wild-style, as usual. The melody flew out as if already written. All my favorite songs I’ve written have been like this.” The essence of feeling you are somehow at a live LP show while you are listening to a crafted recording is what truly makes her stand out. Her delivery evokes a raw tone that livens your spirit and songs with the highest amount of this quality are her best.

Her first release since her 2018 album Heart to Mouth, “The One That You Love” brings the energy of standout tracks from that project like “Dreamcatcher” and “Shaken.” There is inherent nostalgia attached to her sound and tone that somehow still feels fresh and new. With the new single, she seems to channel old western-style guitar with a ballad style of a Nancy Sinatra. Yet she adds her own explosive and freewheeling pop-rock vocals with a twinge of 70’s soul. The song is a perfect blend of “Desperado” by Rihanna, “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish, and “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin. 

As the song opens with the most memorable melody of the song, “now that you got what you wanted,” you immediately fall right into the web of LP’s aesthetic. You want to be drinking a whiskey with her after a show talking smack. The other really great melodic moment of the song is when she sings over distorted guitar, “try to be the fire for you, try to be the sun,” which then after a few more guttural lines explodes into a string supported “imma be the one that you loooove.” This is LP at her best as the song drives, tenses, and releases showing off the full capabilities that her voice allows.

Earlier this month, LP’s announced her first global Livestream. It will be broadcast live from The Beehive studios in L.A. on August 1st. This is expected to be her only full-production concert in 2020 featuring LP and her band. The concert will unite LP’s international fanbase as it is scheduled to enable fans in as many countries and time zones as possible to watch and listen together. Though outdoor concerts are not going to happen, it will be amazing to hear this fiery single “The One That You Love” with a full band in its full potential. If this song is representative of the sound of her forthcoming project, we should all be hyped.