photo: Stephen Gunn / press

Eyelar – Say It With Your Eyes

Eyelar generated buzz last year when she collaborated with fellow UK based production trio Disciples on the house influenced track, “All Mine.” Today, the Dutch-born singer/songwriter has released an incredibly catchy and perfect for summer single titled “Say It With Your Eyes.” The electro-pop song delivers upbeat, consistent energy that will draw you in and lift your spirits with its catchy hook.

The visual was created using video footage from friends and fans, and it’s a sweet thank you note that perfectly ties into the subject matter. Eyelar shared a clip on Instagram and said, “I find it a little emotional, maybe cause we’re all going through a crazy weird time, to me its got a togetherness to it.”

The eyes certainly have it, and here’s what Eyelar had to say about her brand new track.

“Looking in someone’s eyes is one of the most intimate ways to connect to someone. For me, it can be more intimate than a touch, or a kiss, because when you look in someone’s eyes, you’re looking at the truth. It’s a truth that says more than words. When I say ‘say it with your eyes’ it’s because I want you to tell me you love me, not with your words, but with your eyes. Make me believe it.”

Eyelar was scheduled to play her first headlining show in the UK back in March, but due to the pandemic, the sold-out show has been rescheduled for the fall.