bree runway

Bree Runway – Gucci

If Bree Runway isn’t on your radar yet, then put her on it right now. Hackney-born and raised, Runway is no newbie to the music scene. Having released various loved works since 2015, including her first label EP release (Be Runway), and her most recent collaboration with fellow pop artist Rina Sawayama on “XS,” Bree Runway is here to stay. 

“Gucci” marks Bree’s latest release, and in my eyes, is her best work to date. It’s fun, well-crafted and smart, and accompanied by a gorgeous music video where Bree gives us bars on bars of pop magic alongside Maliibu Miitch, who takes an already wonderful track to another level. 

Gucci wants a girl they can call, they can call” is what you will first hear when you hit play on Bree’s new single. This line repeats four times and instantly leads into the track’s fiery beat. Within seconds, “Gucci” becomes a wake-up call that will have you wondering… “Now wait a minute, who’s Gucci going to call and for what?” Well, of course, it’s Bree on the other end of the line. Bree continues to cleverly place this hook on a loop behind her first verses as well (and throughout the remainder of the song), allowing listeners to understand loud and clear that she is irreplaceable. “Tonight we’re doing business, how much you got? / Ain’t nobody like me, can’t fill my spot / Count my blessings up so high man, shoutout to God.” In only one verse we already learn that “Gucci” is a celebration song – a song that showcases just how special Bree truly is.

As Maliibu Miitch enters on verse two, the song, as mentioned, goes to an even higher level. “I need Gucci, Fendi, Prada / Tell em to holla / I got a thing for designer.” Smooth and to the point, Miitch lists out her requests with confidence that matches with Bree’s and is so damn clean. She perfectly lays out the rest of the track, as Bree comes in again on the final verse. Bree’s last verse oozes with coolness as she literally checks off each line, crossing out everything she wants to say until the end. 

All in all, “Gucci” is a song that you won’t get tired of blasting on repeat. It’s an anthem and a song that showcases Bree’s talents to no end.