spencer barnett
photo: Bellamy Brewster / press

Spencer Barnett

Spencer Barnett doesn’t claim any one genre. He doesn’t place himself in any boxes, and he likes it that way. While that could seem obnoxious coming from some artists, the 19-year-old New Yorker-turned-Angeleno (who also grew up in San Francisco) has the talent to go that route. His latest feature, “eta,” off his forthcoming EP, the third in a series, is a chill song that harnesses that sense of youthful abandon when you meet someone new. 

Barnett told EUPHORIA., “The darker, pulsing sound of ‘eta,’ was inspired by my first Parisian club experience I had a couple of days before writing the song.” He added, “I penned it with my friend Jackson Lee Morgan at a time when I had just started to see someone new. The song is about the fun and adventure that comes with a new relationship.”

“eta” comes on the heels of Barnett’s first two EPs, Reckless, which he released independently, and I’m Fine, released after he signed with Sony’s The Orchard. Rather than going the traditional route of releasing an album or an EP and then an album, he’s chosen to do more frequent smaller projects to show progression in his work. His music, which combines soulful melodies, indie rock leads, and bedroom-inspired guitar riffs alongside his nostalgic songwriting, is casual and cool and sucks you right in from the first note. 

Spencer Barnett started writing music at a young age

Spencer Barnett started with instruments. He’s been playing piano and guitar since he was just 8 years old, and at the age of 13, Barnett wrote his first song. He told Rain magazine, though, that it was a total failure. But Barnett loved music and loved to listen and learn from YouTube. With time, he got better, and not long after, he started working with major producers. Barnett was signed to Right Hand Co. management — who also manages Khalid — and landed among the ranks at Paradigm Talent Agency, the home of Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, and more. 

Barnett has settled into his indie/alternative (though still genre-defying) vibe to release his first two EPs. Both projects, as well as his upcoming EP to close out the series, are executive-produced by Hoskins, who also works with Khalid and Hailee Steinfeld

“eta,” along with Barnett’s previously released songs, each showcase his unique ability to craft a story through music and lyrics. His most recent release before this one, “Welcome to My Mind,” was an especially poignant release that focused on mental health and was fittingly released during Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Barnett said in a press release at the time: “I discuss my fear of opening up to new people and how it affects me. In the past, I’ve written about my feelings through the lens of a relationship, but with this new single I didn’t want people to read between the lines to understand me as a person and an artist.”

Spencer Barnett’s Third EP Will Be Released Later This Year 

To close out his debut project, Spencer Barnett plans to drop his third EP later this year. He told EUPHORIA. exclusively, “I’ve been busy finishing my new EP and creating visuals to pair with the music. With this next project, I’m trying to push the envelope sonically and visually, while still wrapping up the trilogy in a way that provides continuity between all three EPs.”

To go with the psychedelic feel Barnett claims in his music, he released a visually stunning video to accompany “eta” as well. He told Wonderland, “I want to transport people to a different place with this song and with the visuals. I want them to feel like they’re in that club in Paris, dancing and sweating and having an incredible time.”

Both “Welcome to My Mind” and “eta” set a precedent for Barnett’s final piece of his three-piece EP puzzle. Both songs are well-structured, dark songs that play into deep emotions. They complement each other despite being completely different topics and demonstrate just how effortlessly Barnett creates music that people can connect with. We can’t wait to hear the rest of Barnett’s upcoming EP, as well as everything else in this talented musician’s future.