introducing luz
photo: Harvey Pearson / press


After just one listen, you’ll understand that she’s destined to be a star. Her voice is absolutely astonishing, possessing an unquestionably ethereal quality that’s exquisitely engrossing. Her sublime vocals have a unique ability to wholeheartedly transport the listener into the emotions embodied within the music. Through consistently posting covers for years, Luz earned a devoted following who’ve been captivated by her enthralling voice which can effortlessly transform the pop hits through unearthing the authentic emotions embodied within them.

One such example of the transformative power of Luz’s voice is her spellbinding cover of Dua Lipa’s mega-hit “Don’t Start Now,” which has garnered over 1.7 million views on YouTube alone. Luz’s astonishing take on the song exposes the track’s vulnerability and poignancy in a hauntingly beautiful way. The one-take video beautifully showcases Luz’s phenomenal vocals and earned her recognition from Dua Lipa herself, who gushed over the cover in a reaction video. While her voice is unquestionably incredible, Luz’s original tracks also prove that she’s a phenomenal songwriter too.

Her first official single “I’m Lonely” was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception when it was released back in March. The track sees Luz reflecting on the multitude of emotions that accompany the realization of knowing you’re sacrificing a monumental part of your self for someone who’d never adore you in the same way. Obviously there’s a personal story that served as an inspiration to the song but her songwriting is so piercingly perceptive and welcoming universal that it’s almost not to reflect “I’m Lonely” to your own experiences.

Following the success of “I’m Lonely,” Luz unveiled “We’ll Be Fine,” which subtly radiates with hope and reassurance. Speaking of the track, Luz shared, “I wrote ‘We’ll Be Fine’ at a point in my life where all I needed was for someone to tell me that everything would be ok. As mine and many others’ feelings of uncertainty have resurfaced during this time, it felt only natural to release this as the second single. It has always been a shoulder to me & I hope that it serves a purpose to others in the same way that it has done for me.” 

The song serves as a powerful reminder that even in spite of seemingly overwhelming challenges if something is meant to be, it’ll happen. That same sentiment can strangely be applied to Luz’s career. With “I’m Lonely” almost aptly being released when the UK, and much of the rest of the world, was in lockdown, the track’s sincerity and beauty saw it find the wide audience it deserved. The same can be said for her second single, which has already racked up over a million streams on Spotify alone. Given her captivating talent, it surely won’t be long before Luz’s already impressive following grows exponentially.