tate mcrae interview
photo: Amy Gardner / press

Tate McRae

Rising star Tate McRae has been making waves across the globe with her dancing skills since she was a finalist on the competition show, So You Think You Can Dance.

Now at the age of seventeen, she is focusing on her ever-growing music career. RCA Records discovered McRae in 2019 after her original track “One Day” went viral on YouTube. The Canadian singer has worked with Billie Eilish, FINNEAS, and SAYGRACE. She chatted with us about her latest track “vicious” featuring Lil Mosey, her most surreal career moment to date, what drove her to kickstart her YouTube channel, what to expect from her upcoming music, as well as who is currently inspiring her musically.

tate mcrae interview
photo: Amy Gardner / press

Congratulations on your latest single “vicious”! How did the collaboration with Lil Mosey on the track come about?
Honestly, I DM’d Lil Mosey and was like “you’re dope,” and then a couple of days later he responded saying he just tracked a verse on my new song. It was crazy. We released the song 5 days later.

Your recent track “you broke me first” has almost 30 million streams worldwide and over 4 million YouTube views. You were also picked as one of YouTube Music’s Artist on the Rise. How does it feel to be chosen by such a huge platform as an emerging artist that deserves recognition?
It’s such a surreal feeling. I’m really excited that “you broke me first” is connecting with so many people because it’s probably one of my favorites that I have released. On top of that, to be supported by such a huge platform like YouTube feels insane. That’s where I started everything from, so to know they have my back is crazy.

In January, you released your debut EP All The Things I Never Said, which has been streamed over 200 million times. It includes “tear myself apart,” written by Billie Eilish and FINNEAS. You’re also currently featured on SAYGRACE’s hit track “Boys Ain’t Shit” alongside Audrey Mika — what is one accomplishment you are most proud of this year?
Probably seeing my face on billboards in Times Square, Madison Square Garden, LA, and Toronto. That was one of my biggest dreams that just happened to come true.

tate mcrae interview
photo: Amy Gardner / press

What inspired you to launch your YouTube channel to release original music and begin your “Create with Tate” music series?
I originally just wanted to push my creativity with my dancing. One day when I had nothing to post, I randomly posted my first ever singing video. After that, my singing and writing started to become way more of a focus to me and my YouTube began to grow pretty quickly.

You have a fresh, oftentimes sad-pop sound. Who are your current musical influences?
I’m a huge fan of The Weeknd, Post Malone, and Jeremy Zucker. I love their music so much and always go back to their music as references when writing.

We hear that your upcoming EP is due later in the year, is there anything you can tell us about what we should expect?
This EP is compiled of a lot of songs I’ve been sitting on since I first started getting into sessions, so I am really excited to release them. The lyrics in these songs are extremely personal to me and represent some very specific experiences in my life. I’m curious to see how people will react.

You initially made a name for yourself as a competitive dancer placing the second runner up on Season 13 of FOX’s So You Think You Can Dance. You’ve danced on Ellen, The Teen Choice Awards and now many of your music videos are brimming with impressive choreography. Do you want to continue merging the two talents?
Of course. Dancing will always be a huge part of my life and I will try my very best to merge the two when it comes to performances and videos, and such. Hopefully, I’ll be able to involve some of the choreographers that have been my biggest mentors all my life.

“stupid” was a track that brought you major hype, particularly it’s video. What has been your favorite music video to make so far?
I honestly love “all my friends are fake.” That video was sick to film, as some of my closest friends were on set with me, which made the whole process really exciting. Filming days are usually really long so having people I love with me there, makes it move pretty quickly.

If you could give advice to any of your fans who are looking to start dancing or singing successfully, what would it be?
Put yourself out there. If you don’t take that first step then nothing will come out of it. Stop worrying about what your friends or peers around you are going to think, otherwise you’ll always live with that slight bit of regret.

Your All The Things I Never Said Pt. 1 tour was completely sold out and made stops all throughout the US, Canada, and Europe. Are you excited to head back out on the road for your All The Things I Never Said Pt. 2 tour?
I’m so stoked. I miss traveling. I miss seeing the people that come out to my shows. I miss my band and crew. I miss it all.

Your live shows have been gaining momentum. What’s your favorite song to perform live?
I love performing “one day.” The coolest thing ever is looking down at hundreds of faces singing right back to you, crying, and knowing every single word. It’s an unexplainable feeling.