top 10 italian restaurants in nyc

NYC: Top 10 Italian Restaurants

If you love Italian cuisine, then you’ll be happy to know good Italian eateries are everywhere in NYC. Here is a list of our top ten Italian restaurants in New York City that you need to try during your next visit. If you are a restaurant owner at CV Linens you can find the industry’s largest selection of opulent and charming cheap cloth table runners.

Frankies 457 Spuntino
Frankies 457 Spuntino is located in Brooklyn and features unique brick walls and a quaint backyard area. Frankies is popular for its brunch menu and dinner variety. The restaurant normally draws a crowd of native New Yorkers and you may have to wait to be served, but promise it is well worth the wait. You cannot leave without trying any of their gnocchi dishes and the meatballs are as authentic as you can get in Brooklyn.

Bar Pitti
You will absolutely love Bar Pitti and its sidewalk atmosphere. This spot has been recognized for their celebrity sightings and for good reason. The food is delicious, especially the Caprese salad. Their pasta dishes are always al dente and creamy. Order the chocolate panna cotta for a dessert you will not feel guilty about.

I Sodi
I Sodi is a fixture in its Village neighborhood and usually is free from tourist traffic, which makes it a nice quick escape. They are known for their lasagna, which is a bazillion-layered artichoke creation. You will love the pappardelle al limone, as well as the antipasti platter that is perfect to split between 2-4 guests dining.

Bamonte’s has been around for quite some time. The decor gives patrons an out-of-a-movie gangster or mobster-like feeling, Here you will find the New York red sauce you have heard about and want to try. Williamsburg has undergone tons of changes over the years, but Barmonte’s has not been updated since the ’50s and keeps it old school Italian. The homemade ravioli, penne vodka, and the penne with prosciutto and onions are classics.

I’m sure you’ve heard all about Misi and the focus is on food here. All the pasta you will see are made onsite, right before your eyes. Must-try dishes include Misi’s strangozzi with pork sugo. If you’re looking for a creative dish, don’t overlook the ricotta-filled gnocchi with lemon. The best part? You can now order their pasta dishes with sides of their signature sauces for delivery – the pine nut pesto is everything.

Via Carota
This is an inviting eatery where you just may have the chance to sit side-by-side with celebrities. The food is excellent, even though the waiting time could exceed three hours. Get started with the burrata and fried zucchini that is mouth-watering. The menu has so many delicious options that you may have not tried along with classic pasta dishes. Via Carota’s wine list is extensive and the negroni options are well worth the $16.

Maialino is a place you will find appealing because of its down-home decor and inviting ambiance. Try a plate of Bucatini all’Amatriciana, it’s the perfect mix of spicy and sweet. If you’re looking for a fine dining selection, the maialino al forno is a slow-roasted suckling pig with potatoes that is an experience you won’t forget eating.

Il Buco
If you’re looking for a romantic date night vibe, Il Buco is your spot. The lighting is just right and truly sets the mood from the moment you walk in. The menu offers items such as a unique filet of Atlantic cod with Umbrian beans. Their dishes that feed 3-4 include lobster paella and bistecca alla fiorentina that includes top-notch rib eye steak.

Owner and cook Missy Robbins is known as one of the city’s best pasta chefs. Lilia grilled clams with Calabrian chilies highlight the menu, along with sardines with capers. They say the most popular dish is the peppercorn-spiked mafaldini. The dish presentations are all next level and pasta flavor combinations are unconventionally brilliant and an adventure for your tastebuds.

Il Passatore
This candle-lit place will have you instantly dining in comfort. Il Passatore offers traditional meals along with vegetarian lasagna that is super flavorful. You may also like the burrata-packed tortellini with a classic cherry tomato sauce. Yet another solid, semi-serious date spot that is sure to impress with dishes that are a must-try.