photo: Stefan Kohli / press

Surfaces – Learn To Fly (ft. Elton John)

Texas-based soul-pop duo Surfaces have dropped the accompanying music video for their single “Learn To Fly” featuring Elton John. The track got over 6.4 million global combined streams within its first week.

The feel-good, lighthearted video is directed by Ivan Dixon and produced by Sean Swan with animation completed by Studio Showoff. It illustrates the three artists as singing pilots through the sky. Sonically and lyrically, the pop-infused single makes one ponder about life, especially during these turbulent times. There are people feeling broken, lost, and confused. They’re having trouble dealing with all these emotions.

“Learn To Fly” is an uplifting song that the world needs to hear at this point in time. It is healing in all the ways.

About the music video, the band said, “We were incredibly excited to work with Studio Showoff again, to bring to life the message of ‘Learn To Fly.’ The video really hits home and paints the universe we’ve been trying to create with every step of our journey as musicians.”

Colin Padalecki and Forrest Frank, whom make up the duo have had a stellar year so far. Their careers skyrocketed overnight when their single “Sunday Best” went viral on TikTok over winter. As a result,  it peaked at No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and hit No. 10 in Australia. In addition, the track is currently gaining airplay by being used in the Beats By Dre Campaign featuring Serena Williams and more notable names.

They released their third studio album, Horizons in February following the success of “Sunday Best.

The single then caught the ear of the music legend that is John: “Having heard ‘Sunday Best’ for the first time in Australia and liking it so much, I was surprised when the guys reached out to me to sing and play a little piano on ‘Learn To Fly.’ I loved the song and the production on the track they sent me. We recorded via Zoom in LA and it was so much fun working on a non-Elton record. These guys are terrific, and we had a blast collaborating.”

If you’re looking for an upbeat track to kick off your day, look no further. Watch the visually pleasing music video below.