tessa violet misterwives bored
photo: Matty Vogel / press

Premiere: Tessa Violet & MisterWives – Bored

Singer-songwriter Tessa Violet releases a new single “Bored” featuring indie-pop band MisterWives, accompanied by a quarantine-inspired official video, which features snippets of fans coping in isolation. Described by Tessa, as an “undercover sad bop,” the track made in collaboration with New York-bred group MisterWives – who are set to drop their third studio album SUPERBLOOM on July 24th–  is the epitome of a quarantine anthem.

Detailing the inspiration behind the powerhouse collaboration, Tessa notes, “Working on this collaboration with MisterWives got me thinking about why it’s so inspiring to me to see someone like Mandy killing it in the alternative space. I think as women in rock sometimes it feels like we’re ‘alt-alt’ – just a little bit outside of what’s typically thought of as alternative. Having Mandy (and the amazing horn section of MisterWives) join me on this track feels like a celebration of that feeling of being a little bit different! I hope when my young fans hear us together, it lights something up in them. Sometimes all it takes is seeing someone who looks like you doing a thing to inspire you.”

Speaking further Tessa says, “I was super isolated at the time I wrote it. Some days the only person I would talk to was the barista at the coffee shop. I remember I would dread going to sleep at night because it meant facing another day. Pretty dark! The music video for this new version is a compilation of fans who made videos for ‘Bored!’ Dude, it’s crazy this song ended up being so on the nose for quarantine, who could have guessed? I ended up getting a lot of good from the experience of quarantine and the biggest thing is that I’ve gotten to know my fans a lot better! Since my tour was canceled I’ve been zooming/live streaming with fans almost daily. And just really gaining an appreciation for how sweet and funny my fans are. So let me tell you, this video means a lot to me. Feels like a celebration of them and how special they are”

An only child raised in Oregon, Tessa eventually moved to Nashville where she began to focus on songwriting, sparking her shift towards a career in music. Now based in Los Angeles, Tessa is an independent artist blazing a path of her own, Tessa had a meteoric rise hinged completely on her own talent and personality with the release of her debut album, Bad Ideas in 2019. Talking about her growth as an artist, she says, “I think I’ve grown a stronger understanding of who I am as an artist and what I have to say. I really try and just write what’s true.” On a message to her listeners, she adds, “That if you relate to the song, you’re not alone in what you’re feeling. and maybe even beyond any individual song a larger message I’d like my fans to internalize is just that like you are a beautiful and unique soul, worthy of love and joy and all the many good things life has for you. There’s so much light available to you, even when things feel the darkest. Don’t give up.”

As the world moves ever more digital – especially amidst the global pandemic– Tessa continues to spearhead the building of online artist communities and often collaborates with other artists through live streams, as she did this spring on her virtual tour. But she’s definitely aiming to see her fans in person someday soon, “I can’t wait to do a Bad Ideas headline tour someday. I can’t wait to sing for people in person again.”

With “ Bored” Tessa once again reminds everyone of the captivating, fearless musician and artist with her spunky, eclectic, and raw musicality.