no rome

No Rome – Hurry Home (ft. beabadoobee & Jay Som)

After amassing almost 2 million Spotify streams since its late May release, the music video for the electric and ethereal song “Hurry Home” by No Rome, beabadoobee, and Jay Som has been released.

The three Filipino artists, two of which are signed to record label powerhouse Dirty Hit, join forces on the track for a performance that blends the soft vocals of each without diminishing their signature styles. Produced by No Rome with his long-time collaborator George Daniel of The 1975, the song follows the anxiety and desperation that comes with being wanting to sort out an issue with your enthralling significant other before all is potentially lost.

“I wanna see you but it’s gonna hurt, we got some problems but we’ll make it work”

beabadoobee opens the track with her supple vocals and acoustic guitar, gliding into No Rome’s R&B-esque chorus infused with glistening and stuttering synths. Dreamy pop artist Jay Som joins in on the second verse with vocals that wrap around you like a hug.

Directed by young film photographer Jack Wiegmann, the video for the track aims to reflect the theme of getting irritable with a struggling relationship.

beabadoobee and Jay Som’s lyrics that have been typed into emails slide out of a printer one by one like sporadic texts. No Rome’s feature chorus is visualized by a rolling collage of hundreds of relationship snapshots. Backing vocals that tie up the end of the track are texted, printed, and slid through a shredder.

The project innovatively turns the frantic feelings into a crafty art project. Digital communication, with all its tendency to feed the fire in relationship problems, is turned into a physical object with real permanency and impact. Racing memories are displayed in the form of physical film photos. The whole process is quite ritualistic and gives the skittish feelings a breath of fresh air, which for anyone in that situation is probably incredibly soothing and refreshing.

With a carefully crafted expression like “Hurry Home” and its video, it’s no wonder that the young creative No Rome was named Vogue’s number one artist to watch out for in 2020.