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Arca – KLK (ft. Rosalía)

“KLK” is the eighth track on KiCk i, Arca’s latest album that dropped on June 26th. Arca collaborated with the Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía who is known for her pop-meets-flamenco musical style. The end result is a track showcasing an experimental take on reggaetón music inspired by Arca’s Venezuelan heritage.

The single is a stark contrast to the music on Arca’s previous full studio release. Back in 2017, her self-titled album featured introspective songs conveyed through ethereal vocal performances. However, “KLK” is on the opposite side of the musical spectrum. It’s an intense track with a volatile mood throughout.

As soon as the song begins, Arca shows no mercy. A brief explosion of sound is followed by a hypnotic synth hook and a punchy drum beat. These energetic sounds are balanced out by a 4/4 time signature that keeps the music danceable. As a result, Arca’s production treads a fine line between experimental electronica and reggaetón.  

It’s impossible to talk about “KLK” without mentioning Rosalía’s alluring vocals. Arca treats her voice like an instrument and mixes it into the glitchy instrumental with ease. In one section Rosalía sings “Bendecía’, bendecía’ / ‘Tamo bendecía’” whilst the tempo slows down. These lines repeat with a trance-like quality that enhances the futuristic soundscape of the track.  

All in all, “KLK” demonstrates Arca’s ability to produce playful music that mixes different musical genres. She effortlessly weaves between reggaetón, electronica, and pop, making this track a memorable aural experience.