aj mitchell
Photo: Jerry Maestas / AJ Mitchell for EUPH.

AJ Mitchell – Burn

US pop star AJ Mitchell delivers mature and thoughtful new track “Burn,” the latest single from forthcoming debut album Skyview, due for release this year.  

The wildly infectious summer anthem is short – clocking in at two minutes and twenty-two seconds – but incredibly impactful. “Burn,” in keeping with its name, is a track that burns bright and fast, with the imprint of its honest message staying with us long after the last notes play out.

Along with a feel-good, earworm melody, heartfelt lyrics sang in AJ’s smooth vocals, the track also comes with the message of using one’s voice to push for change: “We got red wine stains on the counter top, but we keep our pain all bottled up/ How’d we get so cold/ Damn, look at us/ We’re frozen up, so I’m/ I’m gonna let it burn even if it hurts/ Nothing’s gonna change until nothing remains/ It’s been too dark to see the light, to see the light we gotta watch it burn.”

Detailing the deep, responsible message of the track, the 18-year-old star said: “‘Burn’ is particularly special to me. I wrote this as a conversation with myself. Reminding me of the importance of having a voice in everything I do. Using my voice, my music and my platform to push for change is important to me. The track is a personal reminder of the responsibility I have to speak up and speak out.”

This message is particularly relevant in the current climate of the Black Lives Matter protests, reminding everyone that you always have a voice and an ability to bring in change. AJ himself is marking this release with a further donation in support of Black Lives Matter organizations, which has been matched by his label Sony Epic. Aside from the poignant lyricism, the track’s anthemic soundscape will have you reaching for the replay button over and over again.

Having risen to fame after his self-penned track ‘Used To Be’ on YouTube at the age of 13, AJ quickly rose to stardom collaborating with the likes of Nina Nesbitt, Ava Max and Rich The Kid, playing a sold-out Camden assembly on his debut trip to the UK in November 2019. With maturity and wisdom beyond his years, 2020 is set to be the year that AJ blooms, taking his incredible music to another level.