photo: Van Nguyen / press

6LACK – 6pc Hot

At this point, East Atlanta Zone 6 raised subdued 808 R&B crooner 6LACK represents his name and neighborhood like a true ambassador. He has released his new 6pc Hot EP on June 26th with six tracks containing as much heat as his new “600 degrees” hot sauce released alongside the project.

All of 6LACK’s moves and music are always so intentional and consistent. No one knows their pocket more. The two tracks released on their own before the EP dropped “ATL Freestyle” and “Float” seemed solid, but in the context of the whole tape’s vibe, they are even more enhanced. It seems that his lyrics just jump out more like in “ATL Freestyle” with the bar, “I grew up eating hot wings and bumping Gucci, on the block ain’t have no OG to school me.” He simultaneously connects his hot wing sauce, with nostalgia to being influenced by a fellow Zone 6 native, while also showing vulnerability. On “Float,” he sings, “Make sure you love me ‘fore the world go out in flames.” As the EP plays through speakers, suddenly the dots connect with ways 6LACK is processing the world simultaneously with the love that he’s working through in his music.

He continues with this sentiment multiple times throughout the project. A sure standout is the Lil Baby assisted “Know My Rights.” He grabs the biggest artist out and fellow Atlien to delve into their own come up with a tinge of empowerment, and he states in the hook, “I’ve been in the field and I know my wrongs, I know my rights.” 6LACK combines his self-awareness with Colin Kaepernick’s activism sentiment. Then with the closing track “Outside,” he dives into the loneliness of quarantine. 6LACK sings, “I need someone I can play with when it’s time to go outside and play again.” He loses any armor he may have expressed previously and genuinely lives in the raw state of being lonesome without the opportunity to connect. This is the exact truth for those of us in isolation and single. 6LACK doesn’t shy away at all from honesty and delivers the emotion sans any protective pride. 

6LACK, in such a concise way, produces depth in the reality of now. He doesn’t stretch himself unnecessarily but contributes his voice with poignant intention. It’s rare to see and hear an artist be so consistently good and know their lane like Bubba Wallace on the speedway. 6LACK did not just settle for a music drop during this time. He even made sure to cover all of the necessary ground and create an entirely interactive experience.

To show love to his hometown Atlanta fans, 6LACK partnered with Postmates and a local Black-owned restaurant Goodfellas. Exclusively on Postmates this weekend, customers can order a custom 6LACK 6pc Hot wing meal from Goodfellas for $6, and receive a free bottle of the new hot sauce. LA fans can get the new hot sauce sent directly to their doors via a friendly robot through 6LACKBOX. 6LACK also has resources like voter registration tools and a contact sheet for Black businesses. A Black author history reading list and access to social justice reform information and participating organizations will also soon be available. 6LACKBOX even contains snippets of unreleased music, the East Atlanta Love Letter movie, never before seen photos, and more. 6LACK is also looking to help aspiring Black entrepreneurs by presenting a handful of them with 6LACKCARDS. They are Amazon gift cards to purchase any equipment and supplies to help get their dreams off the ground.

From music to information to activism to food to love to support 6LACK is holding Zone 6 and his whole fan base down.