AURORA exist for love


Norwegian singer, songwriter, and record producer, AURORA, dropped coming-of-age love song “Exist for Love” in mid-May. The music video, which followed shortly after, racked up 500k views in 24 hours thanks to her dedicated fanbase.

Having started her 2020 on the Oscars stage performing Frozen 2 hit “Into the Unknown,” “Exist for Love” is the impasse where the incredible talent has broken free from the cocoon of her youth to bloom into a fierce woman motivated by love.

We spoke to the artist as she delves into the message behind the single, the recording process for her self-directed music video, what her fans mean to her, how she interacts with them in an online-only environment, and much more.

What is the inspiration/message behind “Exist For Love”? 

I think once in a while we all need something to remind us of the good that exists in the world. And why we exist. Right now the world is going through a lot, together, but we are also isolated. You try to listen to the world when making music. And I felt like the world needed a little love right now.

What was the recording process for the video like, particularly your experience with self-directing?

It was wonderful! I love directing videos, and I tend to enjoy being in control. Especially when it comes to my own art. During times like these, you have to get a little extra creative. Which I enjoy. We had to keep it local, and simple. But that seemed to be the perfect thing for this song. Everything I am wearing is also self-made by me and my sisters out of old clothes. Very fun.

How would you say your sound has evolved over time?

It evolves with me. I always like to keep open, since music is such a big world, I would never keep myself from experiencing all of it. I like exploring. And I have so much within me I would like to share. Now I am feeling sentimental. And nostalgic. I am feeling inspired by people, and religion, and mythology.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in terms of making music in self-isolation? How did you overcome it? 

I love being alone. And I love being in the studio. So it’s been good for the mind to be forced to slow down a little. But it saddens me to look at the current world and see all the trouble it’s in. And when people out there are struggling, we are all struggling.

If listeners could take away one message from your music what would you want it to be?

That they are worthy of love. And worthy fighting for. And that they have potential to change the world if they can. But only if they start loving themselves first.

Who inspires you professionally and personally?

The people I have around me inspire me a lot. Getting to know people shows you how quickly you can start caring about them. And how much wonderful things people have within them if you let them show you. I love beautiful minds. Leonard Cohen is a very big inspiration to me. May he Rest In Peace.

What’s been the most memorable moment of your career so far? What’s next for you? 

Every time I make an album it feels so big. Like having a child. Those would be the best moments in my career and life.

You did a livestream after the premiere of the track. Has it been difficult adjusting to this online-only engagement with fans? 

I think it’s strange, I like meeting people, touching their hands, looking into their eyes and truly show them that I appreciate them. And they do the same thing to me. It’s beautiful. I miss that connecting, but mostly because I think it’s very important. People need it.

What’s something your fans have said or done recently that’s made you smile?

They make me smile every day. They are so brilliant. And the way they dive into my music, and my words really moves me. They are really clever. Also seeing their art. I find the stan-culture really strange. But I hope they know they are all friggin’ awesome. They are my family.