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Puerto-Rican actor, activist, and LGBTQ+ advocate, Jonny Beauchamp, is best known for his work in Penny Dreadful, the film Stonewall, and the CW television series, Katy Keene, where he brilliantly portrays Jorge/Ginger Lopez opposite Lucy Hale. Jonny’s interest in performing arts was shaped by growing up in NYC and attending various performing arts schools, and further developing his inherent love of performing during training at New York’s Professional Performing Arts School. Jonny’s been making positive waves with critics and fans alike for his portrayal of Jorge/Ginger Lopez, not to mention the fabulous costumes he gets to wear as both characters.

Jonny’s heart and soul are clearly embedded with each character, and he gives and takes fiercely with them all. We had a light-hearted, sweet chat about Jonny’s portrayal of Jorge/Ginger on Katy Keene, what he does to get into character, and of course, the costumes (because we couldn’t not ask him because they make us love the character even more!), his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community, what each of his characters have taught him, and which actors and actresses have influenced him the most. Jonny’s name, acting, and performance is one that will leave an indelible mark for years to come.

jonny beauchamp

When did you know your calling of being a performer?
When I was 3 years old and I would sing The Bodyguard soundtrack in shower. Every. Day.

I really enjoy your portrayal of Jorge/Ginger on Katy Keene, and you do a fabulous job! Is there anything ritualistic you do to get into the mindset of each character?
Yes actually, for me it starts with music. What music speaks to the character, then I need shoes. The shoes are what bring my characters to life.

Speaking of Katy Keene, congrats on all of its success! It’s well-deserved. What do you enjoy the most about filming the show? A possibly odd question to ask, but is there anything the least you enjoy?
It’s always a challenge shooting outside on the dead of winter, but the payoff was we shot on the streets of New York.

I love the costumes and dresses Jorge/Ginger wears! Do you have any input with those choices?
Yes! Our costume designer Jenn Rogien runs a really collaborative space. It was fun to do fittings because she always checked in with me on the characters.

jonny beauchamp

Taking it back to your childhood, did your familial upbringing gauge your interest in acting and performing?
In a way. My mother is an incredible actress and storyteller but was never interested in pursuing. It definitely started there for me.

Each of your performances has been incredibly moving and memorable (Katy Keene, Penny Dreadful, Stonewall, among others). What have you taken away mentally, emotionally, and physically from each of these performances?
I’m so lucky because each of those characters represents a queer person who unabashedly lives their truth. Each of them has taught me more about courage if I’m being honest.

You’re very much an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. What do you hope the audience takes away from your performances/portrayals?
I would love it if folks felt like they could be themselves and still be loved and celebrated. Valuable.

Can you give us a glimpse into a “day in the life of” for you?
Coffee. Music. Kiki. Repeat.

How have you been keeping your creative spark flowing during quarantine?
Talking to my friends daily always gets the creative juices flowing. I’ve also been taking my favorite film directors and watching all of their films in order of release. Currently on Pedro Almodóvar. So. So. Good.

Who are your top five actors and/or actresses who have influenced your performance the most?
Raul Julia, Tim Curry, John Leguizamo, Oscar Issac, and Daphne Rubin-Vega.

jonny beauchamp