Cajou Creamery: Dope & Dairy-Free

Dairy-free ice cream products have a key set of pitfalls. The ice cream can be too chalky, too dense (especially chocolate flavors), or flavorless even with bold flavor labels. Baltimore-based Cajou Creamery finesses its cashew-based ice cream product to avoid all of these possible mistakes.

The Mexican Cacao flavor is as interestingly flavorful as any chocolate and is light enough to eat a full bowl. The Horchata has distinct cinnamon and vanilla notes while maintaining a creamy sensibility. The Sweet Potato takes on the full flavor profile of a Grandmother’s sweet potato pie while keeping it ice cream forward so it is beyond palate-able. The absolute standout flavor however is the Kulfi. The traditional version is an Indian dairy dessert often served in a sort of popsicle form.

Cajou’s cashew-based version retains the smooth texture of dairy-based ice cream to a top-tier level. The Indian flavoring is subtle yet always present and builds more and more with each taste. It’s of the best, if not the best, dairy-free ice cream option out there.

Dwight Campbell and Nicole Foster are the mastermind husband and wife team behind the product. Dwight says about the creation:

“When we could not find dairy-free ice cream for our ice cream loving babies that were free of artificial tastes, textures, and ingredients, we started making our own from cashew and almond milk. Nikki had gone back to get a raw vegan chef certification and touted the use of cashew milk for its creaminess!”

The crafting of a specific texture and flavors is apparent, which is even more impressive noting their dedication being anti-artificial. The couple previously resided in Miami and even bring flavors from South Florida to the table. Their Cortadito flavor tastes exactly like the Cuban coffee drink you can only find in the 305 and is immediately recognizable to any of us who have spent time there.

Before the pandemic, they mainly had their ice cream in local restaurants and hotels across Baltimore. However, they do have the product in four gourmet grocery stores and have pivoted to a porch drop-off service in light of COVID-19. Dwight says on future goals, “We reimagine ice cream as healthy and cruelty-free and want to revolutionize it across the country.” They hope to create regional stations where the ice cream can be produced still with the same quality and eventually be available everywhere in the US and even potentially overseas! They are an entirely black-owned and operated independent business and recently won the Howard Row Storefront competition allowing them to open their first brick and mortar in Baltimore coming later this summer!

If you are in the area, order online here. And anyone can follow the blossoming business on Instagram for any and all updates on delivery and their brick-and-mortar opening!