GOT7 – Dye

With four studio albums, 14 EPs, several international tours under their belt, and lots of love accumulated over their six years as a band, K-pop septet GOT7 delivers new EP DYE. With a sound that’s infectious and a confident presence, the EP indicates their elevation to superstardom.

DYE’s production is concise yet creative. Not a moment of the six-track EP is wasted, whether it’s the dense synth instrumentals, silky vocal hooks or catchy rap verses. Playing their parts to perfection individually while simultaneously blending together their wide set of skills, GOT7 delivers a record filled with earworm melodies and expert musicality.

Opening with “AURA,” the record starts off with a light and airy soundscape as the four vocalists of the seven-piece lead the R&B-style offering, touching impressively high octaves juxtaposed with the low rumble of the rappers and brash bass-synth instrumentals.

Following track “CRAZY,” with its frenzied high-synth sonics and varied vocal style is a banger on its own, but throws off the otherwise smooth production with its ordinary lyrical attempt; the phrase “You make me crazy!” repeated over and over doesn’t account much for the group’s songwriting abilities.

In contrast, “NOT BY THE MOON” with its trap beat and booming instrumental composition is a dramatic offering that masterfully shifts between a shouty chorus and whispered vocal verses. It’s fun, catchy yet reflects a serious, introspective tone.

However, the stand-out of the EP comes in the form of “LOVE YOU BETTER,” a bright, upbeat offering with a mellow jazz-pop sound and sweetly-delivered vocals. Admittedly it’s not the most experimental track on the record or in the band’s career, but its chirpy, layered, and worth more than a few replays. Moreover, it makes for a great transition piece as the reggaeton-house stylings of “TRUST MY LOVE” takes over.

Stylistically experimental and varied despite minimal instrumentation, “TRUST MY LOVE” is energetic and suave as the septet flow through verses effortlessly. Final track “POISON” isn’t the most memorable of the lot, but it continues on the undeniably catchy trajectory of the rest of the offering.

If you’ve been with GOT7 from the beginning, DYE is part of a wonderful sonic evolution and if you’re new to the band, this EP with its experimental, bold sound and trusted charm of the septet is the perfect place to begin.

Overall, DYE is a must-listen with a few skippable bits thrown in.