the academic

The Academic – Anything Could Happen

Is it just me that thinks there may be something in the water over in Ireland at the moment? Countless new Irish acts such as Fontaines D.C., Inhaler, Dermot Kennedy, Just Mustard, The Murder Capital… (you get the picture), have all rightfully earned laudable reputations for themselves over the past few years, sending shockwaves across the Irish Sea, the Atlantic, and beyond. But it seems that the country’s burgeoning music scene still has more to offer. Step forth, The Academic: Ireland’s indie-pop princes in waiting.

The tight-knit four-piece from Murtagh, Ireland have been together since their school years and apparently bonded over their shared love for The Strokes and Vampire Weekend, as well as toasties and Nicolas Cage movies, of course. The band has just announced their first release on Capitol Records titled “Anything Could Happen,” which strikes a chord in these strange times of lockdown and isolation.

Produced by ex-Kaiser Chief, Nick Hodgson, the track is catchy from the offset. The main guitar riff feels light, danceable, and uplifting and the track’s melodic, guitar-driven aesthetic draws influence from some of Blossoms’ earlier material. This also pairs well with the 80s feeling drum rhythms, which take on a more Talking Heads-inspired feel throughout.

According to the band’s lead singer Craig Fitzgerald, lyrically, “the song is a rallying cry to the people in our lives who find themselves stuck in cycles of mundanity and monotony.” The second verse highlights this theme best with lyrics such as, “How did it end up like this? Another day in the life / Don’t go wasting a wish / There’s no point telling you twice.

Like so many bands releasing new music recently, The Academic had to improvise somewhat for their music video release for their latest track. Filled with videos of couples in lockdown doing whatever it takes to stay positive, their DIY video resonates perfectly with the lyrical content they explore in the track and for Fitzgerald, these times have allowed the song to “take on a new meaning and bring people a sense of hope.”

In promoting important values such as friendship and personal growth, “Anything Could Happen” provides a positive antidote to the unprecedented challenges we’ve all been facing over the past few months. If your spirits are in need of a little brightening, The Academic have got your back.