genevieve stokes
Credit: Abbie Pitre

Genevieve Stokes

Introducing lo-fi / alt-pop artist Genevieve Stokes

Blending warm lo-fi with pop, Genevieve Stokes provides an unfiltered lens for listeners to peer into fragments of youth.

By marrying the acoustic and electronic, 18-year-old Genevieve has skilfully crafted a signature sound. This is perfectly demonstrated in her brand new single “Lonely and Bored.”

Prior to the release of “Lonely and Bored,” Stokes released two dreamy singles: “Running Away’ and “Surface Tension.” In these tracks, piano keys dance alongside lo-fi beats and meandering melodies that call on young relationships, and breaths of the past.

Stokes has already amassed more than 109,000 monthly Spotify listeners, as well as cutting into the TikTok music scene after her track was featured by daddy-daughter duo Nick&Sienna. Stokes’ influences range from the sincere notes of Regina Spektor to the electronic, melancholic grooves of Frank Ocean and Bon Iver.

An ocean of inspiration has added a malleable texture to Stokes’ music, leading to features on a variety of trending playlists, Including Spotify’s New Music Friday and Fresh Finds.

Genevieve allowed EUPHORIA. exclusive access to her single “Lonely and Bored” from her upcoming debut EP, due in summer. This track feels wholesome – grounded in sentimental prowess and a vulnerable, honest lyricism. Tranquil instrumentation complements jazzy percussion, to explore the loss of youthful innocence (“Time just keeps on moving faster”) and the perplexing vacuum (“I feel so separate from myself”) that arrives in company with adolescence.

Stokes explains that:

“‘Lonely and Bored’ is about a time in my life when I felt particularly disconnected from the world around me and my own emotions. I think a lot of people have experienced this sense of detachment, and hopefully, this song helps them feel less alone.”

Stream Genevieve Stokes’ ‘Lonely and Bored’ here: