christian cohle
Credit: Adrian Wojtas

Introducing: Christian Cohle

Dublin based singer, songwriter, and producer, Christian Cohle, has so far been carving a name for himself with his intricate lyricism and soul-stirring melodies. 

On his latest release, “Ghost,” which was shared today, Cohle explores dark, eerie sounds; his crystal clear, haunting vocal punctuating the layers of modern electronica.

“’Ghost’ compares one loss after the other, when multiple pillars of importance collapse and you feel deserted,” Christian Cohle explains of the track. “While I was writing the lyrics, I kept getting this stark image in my mind, of a tower slowly falling to the ground. This became the motif of the song for me and really informed the mood of the track, I think.”

It’s only Cohle’s second single to date, following February’s “Breathe,” but his full length, debut album, Holy Trouble, is set for release independently later this year.

If “Breathe” and “Ghost” are anything to go by, Christian Cohle’s upcoming record will be unpacking a whole load of deeply introspective and thought-provoking topics.

Cohle said that the process of creating the album happened in a rather organic manner. At the start, it was just a passion project as he honed his skills. Written mostly from 2017-2018 at his home, and fleshed out in a friend’s studio, what Cohle once thought of as an EP transitioned into more of an album as he saw an opportunity to challenge himself.

Listen to “Ghost” below: