Oh Wonder by Tom Oldham for EUPHORIA. Magazine
Oh Wonder by Tom Oldham for EUPHORIA. Magazine

Oh Wonder – Keep On Dancing

Oh Wonder have today released the second track in their Home Tapes project, titled “Keep On Dancing.”

“I’m at my birthday party by myself,” Josephine sings softly as the song begins. It’s a heartbreaking but all-too-relatable situation for many of us in lockdown. But Oh Wonder are no strangers to evoking universal feelings in their music.

Written as a response to Josephine canceling her 30th birthday party earlier this month due to the Coronavirus pandemic, “Keep On Dancing” is another candid pop number from the band. It’s a timely reminder of Oh Wonder’s innate ability to turn some of life’s hardest moments into something beautiful.

The song starts off the way many Oh Wonder tracks do; soft, delicate vocals against a gentle beat. As an uplifting melody kicks in for the chorus, the emotions in the lyrics change from sorrowful to positive: “And I’mma keep on dancing, dancing / Until my feet wear thin / And I’mma keep on dancing, dancing / Until the beat kicks in.”

Listening to the track, you can’t help but feel inspired, or as Oh Wonder said: “When life gives you lockdown, put your favourite songs on and keep on dancing.”


Alongside the new song, Oh Wonder also shared the touching music video for “Lonely Star.” The band had called for fans to submit recordings of themselves for use in the video. We want to make this new project collaborative and creative. Send us a star, dance, animation, performance, drawing, sing-along, painting… literally anything goes!” the band wrote on social media.

“I’m having a really hard time staying home,” one fan wrote on the new “Lonely Star” music video on YouTube, “its your music on repeat one of the only things that are keeping me sane. Thank you for this (and everything else), seriously.”

“We have the most beautiful fans in the entire world. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us,” Oh Wonder said when sharing the music video on social.