mathilda homer

Mathilda Homer – Dear Life

British singer-songwriter, Mathilda Homer, has today released the relatable love song, “Dear Life.”

Known for her velvet-textured vocals and ambient tunes, 21-year-old Homer’s new song belies her young years.

“Dear Life” is a slow piano-infused number about the breakdown of a relationship. It’s a deeply relatable feeling, one that many of us will have experienced in our lives – knowing that you’ve been staying in a relationship that isn’t working for too long. At some point, you realize that you need to draw the line and move on.

“Why are we holding on to nothing forbear life? / Cos that’s what it looks like / Is that what love looks like?” Homer ponders softly on the chorus.

“Sometimes love has a funny way of showing itself. Sometimes you can love the idea of being in love even though it just isn’t right,” Mathilda Homer explains of her new song. “Sometimes you can feel unheard and like a ghost. In the past, I’ve loved the idea of a relationship but not loved the one I’m in. So I wrote a song about it.”

“Dear Life” is Homer’s latest release, following her most recent tracks “Too Much,” and “Baby Blue Eyes.” It’s also the last single she will share before the release of an upcoming EP, the details of which are yet to be revealed.

Homer previously told us that she aligns her sound with the new wave of young neo-soul / jazz artists, but hadn’t always set out to be a musician. Originally, she wanted to be a midwife and an artist. Luckily for us, she followed her unique talent and started making her own music.

Earlier this year, Mathilda Homer performed to sold-out crowds as the artist in residence at London’s Laylow club, although due to the Coronavirus pandemic, her remaining live dates have been postponed until later this year. In the meantime, Homer is keeping fans entertained with Instagram Live shows.