Feng Suave

Feng Suave – I’m Warping Here

Dutch psych-pop pair, Feng Suave, have today dropped the reflective new track, “I’m Warping Here.”

Comprised of two Daniels – Daniël Schoemaker and Daniël de Jong – the new song starts off with a chill, beachy sound, before suddenly halting 33 seconds in and really scaling back instrumentally. The band then begin to confess a couple of things they regret: “Torturing insects in the garden when I was ten / Faking tears for grandma’s death / Stealing toys from all my favourite friends.”

As the confessions morph into acceptance, the bedroom pop instrumentals gradually return: “Maybe It’s just getting to the point where you know / it’s gonna be like this from now on / Maybe I’m wrong / And I’m portraying someone I’m not.”

“Maybe I’m Warping Here” is the third single from Feng Suave’s upcoming EP, Warping Youth, set for release June 26th. The EP will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipated by some; the pair have racked up 70mill+ streams to date and 600k monthly listeners on Spotify.

“This one is about growing up. It’s a kind of coming-of-age story, really. It’s about missing the times when you did stupid things without thinking about it, and missing the times when those stupid things were your biggest worry in the world,” the band explains. “Now that you’re older, things become more serious and life seems evermore predictable, while at the same time you rack up more and more responsibilities. You wish you could tell the kid you once were to enjoy themself a bit more at times, because it’s gonna level out.”

Reflecting on youth is a theme that continues in the upcoming EP, as Feng Suave says: “Thematically, the songs are about coming of age and the directionless wandering through adolescence that comes with it.”

Feng Suave are slated to play at the rescheduled Great Escape Festival next year.

Listen to “I’m Warping Here” below: