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Sustainable Fashion Brands in 2020

The consumer is asking for more brands to be transparent in their sustainable fashion efforts. As a result, many new brands have recognized the importance of positioning themselves as sustainable. Many fashion brands are also using the term to create marketing campaigns and raise awareness during a time when fast fashion is falling out of favor. 

The term “greenwashing” comes to mind as many are making eco-conscious clothing while many brands remain far from that ideal ethical movement. Consumers are now more informed than ever, and sustainable efforts need to ring more true if fashion companies want to really bring a lasting relationship forward in the future.

For example, Zero + Maria Cornejo are using leftover materials from their own pieces to create new ones. They are also using dead-stock from other brands to expand their sustainable line. This is not an uncommon practice as fashion companies and small designers aim to use all of their raw materials. They are also aiming to produce locally as to cut down on global production and waste. Producing locally gives brands a better control over their products while also supporting the economy in the area. 

While this comes at a higher price tag, things made on a smaller scale and by hand usually hold better quality. Look at luxury companies—they have ateliers full over craftsmen making every last detail of their product. There is no reason why smaller companies can not do this at a more affordable rate. 

The company Queen of Raw is doing its part by connecting brands with suppliers that have extra fabric and materials. The amount of volume from clothing manufacturers and textile mills is enormous. Thus, it is important to make the connection between those who can create something dynamic from these materials instead of letting them go to waste. 

In fact, popular brands like Reformation are leading the way in producing locally and using leftover fabrics. The consumer is leading a shift in what they want from their clothing and sustainability is just starting to take shape. Also, check out the rising outdoor clothing apparel brands that come with a minimal style but elegant look.