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What Gaming Celebrities Play At Home

As the world continues to be rocked by current events, many people, including celebrities, are turning to gaming to pass the time and relax. A lot of countries are currently asking their residents to stay at indoors, so, gaming is the perfect solution. This then begs the question, what are celebrities playing when they are at home? Are they playing with their consoles or are they playing compare bingos online with their friends? That is the big question, what are they playing now?

There are different ways a person can choose to game, and, of course, various reasons as well. We all have our favourite device, some of us favour our smartphone or tablet, whilst others feel more comfortable on the laptop. When playing, especially in 666 casino, we love playing with the device we are most comfortable with. In that way we feel that no one can beat us. The same goes for why indulge, for some it is for the competitive buzz, to escape, to relax or even the thrill of winning some cash.

Nowadays, more and more players seem to getting into the cash side, with research making claims that gambling within video games could reach to USD$50 billion by this year! However, one factor which is pretty much the norm for all types of gaming, is that it nearly always provides the perfect opportunity for everyone, including celebrities to socialise and interact with others. While also having their fair share of fun along the way.

Therefore, online gaming, where groups of people, or squads as they’re known, have become increasingly popular of late. Fortnite is still one of the most popular online multiplayer games around, loved by celebrities such as Drake. Players can squad up to battle other teams or play in duos if they wish.

Call of Duty: Warzone has recently hit the scene, and it’s already causing quite the stir. It dropped as the coronavirus pandemic kicked off, and as it’s a part of the successful Call of Duty game series, celebrities young and old are already logging on to play this battle royale release from Activision. Call of Duty has a hardcore following, so, it will attract the celebs who played it back in the day, while younger people will love the battle royale approach. Actor Vin Diesel has admitted to playing titles from the game series previously, so, he’ll likely be enjoying Warzone during the lockdown.

Some celebrities are stars from the sporting world, so, they may naturally move towards playing sporting simulators of some kind while they’re unable to play games or events in real life. For a lot of footballers, FIFA is the game they’ll turn to, with many fans of FIFA Ultimate Team. However, as Ultimate Team is a single-player mode, it’s FIFA Pro Clubs that could rapidly become popular. It will allow real-life teammates to become virtual teammates on the football pitch, competing against other sides for glory.

While some celebrities will use their downtime to socialise via video games, others will undoubtedly prefer to play single-player titles and to become fully immersed in the virtual world. Justin Bieber, for example, has spoken about playing Pokémon in the past, so, he could be spending his time playing Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, which have been on the market since November.

Alternatively, Biebs could turn to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which dropped less than a fortnight ago. It’s proving to be one of, if not the most popular release in the game series, and many are turning to streaming it on platforms such as Twitch during the global pandemic. It’s a fantastic way to escape the stress of the real world, and perfect for celebs with time on their hands.