Premiere: KIDDO – Bang My Head

KIDDO teams up with Jim Ouma on the new track “Bang My Head” – premiering on EUPHORIA. today.

Stockholm-based singer-songwriter, KIDDO, is sure to rack up millions of streams on her collab with producer duo, Jim Ouma (who have worked with Tove Lo and Madonna). The bouncy, modernist beat might be just what we need to raise our spirits in such trying times.

“Bang My Head” is about the conflict in a relationship. One partner wants to be independent, whilst the other is content with domesticity. It’s a song inspired by KIDDO’s personal experiences.

“Everyone has been through this,” says KIDDO. “You’re totally in love and want to grow together and experience something new. You’ve invested so much into this relationship, but the other person just can’t keep up. You feel like you’re constantly banging your head against the wall. I’ve had relationships like that too, where you feel like you have to run away to avoid being suffocated by it.”

The track demonstrates KIDDO’s continuing evolution as an artist.

With every new song, it is important for me to realize my own concept of what modern pop is,” KIDDO explains. “To find new and interesting sounds in a world where everyone thinks that everything in music has already been said, you have to approach it in a fresh way. My songs are contemporary and forward-thinking, but you can also just play them on an acoustic guitar. The combination of a classic pop song approach with new sounds and beats is my musical vision.”

Listen to “Bang My Head” for the first time below…