kiana lede forfeit

Kiana Ledé – Forfeit.

Before listening to a new Kiana Ledé release, I always prepare to have it on repeat, because she simply never misses the mark.

With the release of “Forfeit. (ft. Lucky Daye),” it’s no different – the song is pure R&B excellence. “Forfeit.” marks the second single release from rising artist Kiana Ledé this year (her first single, “Mad at Me,” dropped in January). This single is soulful, smooth and bold: a true slow jam and collaboration between two artists who blend perfectly together. Ledé, who has been making her way in the R&B world, is now gearing up for the release of her debut album KIKI, set to drop on April 3rd.

“Forfeit.” opens up with Kiana laying down the cleanest runs and badass opening line. “You don’t wanna try me / You better forfeit / Keep fucking with my vibes.”  Already, Kiana makes it known to listeners that this song is about self-care and self-love, themes that we’ve heard in her previous work, and are still excited to hear on this single. It’s clear that Kiana runs her own scene and no one can tell her otherwise. In fact, the hook of the song illustrates this theme best as she comes in a few lines later stating: “I’m giving you one, two, three / to back the fuck off of me. / Don’t front when you can’t back it up / It’s about time we wrap this shit up.” In what is definitely the song’s most memorable line, I’m sure this will be the moment everyone can sing along to as they keep listening.

Lyrically, “Forfeit.” is quite straightforward. However, this makes the song itself more authentic, especially as the track continues into later verses that also reiterate themes of self-love. In Lucky Daye’s verse, for instance, he sings about not losing control in a relationship and taking a step back for the sake of the two involved. This verse, coupled with the production and effortless way he and Ledé deliver each line together, really pushes the song’s messages forward, giving us insight into the personal struggles Kiana has faced before in past relationships, whatever those may be.

All in all, if “Forfeit” is any insight into what her debut album KIKI will sound like, well, we will be in for a treat.