Crunching leaves, warm colours, long sleeves, a fireplace burning…if autumn had a soundtrack, it would be a Seafret song. The Bridlington-born duo, Harry Draper and Jack Sedman have been leaving those in awe since their debut back in Tell Me It’s Real from 2016, which features the heart-shattering “Oceans” in which Game Of thrones’ legend Maisie Williams plays a lonesome yet imaginative antagonist; which currently boasts over 80 million views on YouTube and 102,692,917 streams on Spotify and counting, alongside over 2 million monthly listeners. It seems that their genuine, longing lyrics and tranquil guitar strums have tugged the heartstrings of millions across the globe and their popularity is only growing.

With their newly released Most Of Us Are Strangers fully underway, the indie-pop duo are touring across the nations and enchanting anybody that comes into contact with them. To celebrate we pulled one half of the duo – Harry Draper – aside for a chat where we discussed getting drunk with Lewis Capaldi, a sequel to “Oceans” and the real reason behind their album title.

New decade, new album. Could you give us insight into what approach you decided to take on this body of work and how it may differ from your other releases?
It really felt like we were recording and writing a proper album this time around! We booked out the studio for two months last year knowing that’s the only time we had to get it finished. We started with three songs and came out with an album! Everything is written and recorded in the same room with the same people. Everything on the record is us, at our most honest state of mind.
Most Of Us Are Strangers is an interesting album name. What made you decide to make this the album title?
“Most Of Us Are Strangers” was the final song we wrote for the album. Once we’d written it, it seemed to make every other song fit and make sense. Like the missing piece in a jigsaw if you like. The title couldn’t have been anything else in our minds!
Which song on the album means the most to you and why?
It has to be “Most Of Us Are Strangers” for me. It seems to really connect with us and hope it does with others too! I see so many people hiding themselves in their phone and social media, missing what’s going on around them and being strangers to the world. We’re suckers for this too! It’s about looking at the bigger picture.

What do you want fans to really understand about you after listening to this?
The album’s just us at our most vulnerable and being the most honest versions of ourselves. We hope people connect with it and that comes across. We hope they love it as much as us! That’s all we can ask for.
You played an array of shows throughout summer 2019, including being a supporting act for Lewis Capaldi. Do you any weird or funny stories that took place during that period?
Haha sadly not. We had quite a quiet and well behaved summer. We’ll save the stories for the tour next month. It was great to get drunk with Lewis again though.
Should we expect any new visuals alongside this project? Perhaps a sequel with a certain Game of Thrones star?
Now that would be good, wouldn’t it?! Sadly we’ve used the GOF card, but working with Stuart Alexander on the videos, we feel like they’re the most striking visuals we’ve had to date.
What is your favourite part of touring?
We love everything about it. From the laughs and craziness of being in the van, to the different cultures and playing our songs live to thousands of people. It’s all very special and we constantly feel lucky.
You have mentioned that this project has been about hiding emotions or troubles to save inflicting any kind of worry on to others. What would you say to anyone out there who feels like a burden on their loved ones?
People just want to be there for you. Let yourself go, ask for help if you need or just ask for a chat. Everything’s fixable and the people closest to you are the ones who can help.