Abbie Ozard

What inspired you to get into music in the first place?
I always stuck to playing classical music when I was younger but started getting proper into bands like Bombay Bicycle Club and girls like Mazzy Star. I wanted to write and play tunes that I loved listening to so I just kinda taught myself guitar and sang along with it and all the writing started from there really!

Which artists have inspired your sound?
I’d say a lot of my sound has stemmed from the music my parents always listen to, so a load of 80s and 90s music, that’s 100% inspired most of my sound and I’m deffo cool with that [laughs].

You’re playing at Truck festival this summer. What do you love about playing festivals especially?
I’ve not even played many festivals yet so I’m not sure! But I do just love the vibe of a festival and the stinky smell of gone-off grass and beer, you can’t beat it. I’m buzzed to play at Truck fest especially because all the acts on the line-up are so sick.

Speaking of live shows, you toured the UK with whenyoung last year. What were some of the highlights from that?
I did! Highlights definitely include being able to have a maccies every day as well as meeting loads of cool people obviously. I remember everything just being dead funny because we were all so constantly tired, we got pretty hysterical towards the end, it was absolute chaos.

Your debut EP, Growing Pains, came out last year as well. What did you want to communicate about yourself through this record?
I guess I wanted to make the first statement to everyone to let them all know what I’m all about. I wanted the EP to be like a segment from part of my life if that makes sense! Kinda like a chapter in a book but the first chapter. I feel like I’ve already got so much more to share and I’m literally so excited to get my next EP out, like the next progression or chapter two if you like.

What’s next for you?
I also want to carry on touring a load and carry on writing lots of music. I’m writing a lot of music with friends and different people which is really cool because I feel like I’m broadening my horizons loads and making my brain stretch as much as it possibly and physically can. I just want as many as people to hear my tunes I guess! I’ve got so much to show so it would be cool to just keep releasing and playing and seeing what happens really!