Ralph by Joe Bulawan
Ralph by Joe Bulawan


Ralph has just released the 80s tinged tune, “Superbloom” – the first track from her newly-launched record label, Rich Man Records.

“I wrote ‘Superbloom’ when I was running in LA,” she explains. “It had been raining a lot which sparked this beautiful desert phenomenon where dormant wildflowers suddenly bloom everywhere and cover the ground for miles. I kept hearing the word mentioned all around me and began to feel weirdly aligned with it. Things in Toronto were feeling emotional and complicated so the idea of a Superbloom became this hopeful mantra for me that things could change and get better.​​​​​​​”

Ralph picked 10 of the tracks that inspired her new song for an exclusive EUPHORIA playlist. Stick the stereo on, these are sure to have you singing along.

Dancing On My Own – Robyn: 

One of the most amazing dance songs from the last 15 years IMO. I’ve always been inspired by the contrast between the epic arpeggiated dance vibe next to the beautiful, melancholy message. 

Supalonely – BENEE, Gus Dapperton:

I love BENEE, I think her songs are super unique and I love this track because it’s a playful, quirky way of talking about loneliness. The subtle auto tune moments, ad libs and “lalalalas” make it fun and hooky and you forget that the lyrics are a little sad. 

The Most – Miley Cyrus:

Oh man, I spent the entire summer listening to this EP. This song really stood out to me and made me feel a lot, it’s so honest and heartbreaking and anthemic. 

Come Home to Me – LÉON:

I’m obsessed with LÉON, the quality of her voice gives me goosebumps and she writes a damn good love song. I listened to this song 5030033 times this summer, it made me cry but also made me feel hopeful. 

Sunday Will Never Be the Same – 

Spanky & Our Gang: Sunday Will Never Be The Same

This is such a great classic love song, you have 3 part male & female harmonies and a strings section and live drums. It makes me feel good and nostalgic. 

Porcelain – Red Hot Chili Peppers:

This has been my go-to rainy day song since I was 14, there’s something about it that gives me chills. It’s so bare and simple. 

Better Alone – Lykke Li:

I’ve always been a huge Lykke Li fan, theres a power behind her songs. There’s always a vulnerability in her voice that I believe. 

Always Remember Us This Way – Lady Gaga

I mean, who wasn’t a little obsessed with this soundtrack like wow. This song is so perfect, it just beautifully sums up a complicated but huge love. 

Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy:

I rediscovered this song and re-love it now. Such great dynamics, it’s uplifting and makes me wanna burst into a run or a wild dance or something. 

Baker Street – Gerry Rafferty: 

The “Superbloom” sax was a last minute add and I couldn’t be more thrilled, I think it was the missing cherry on top. EVERYONE LOVES A SAX MOMENT.