Dagny – Come Over

Dagny’s new single “Come Over” is a euphoric pop bop that will make you want to drop everything and dance.

The feel-good track from the Norwegian pop queen recounts the relatable feeling of wanting someone to come over so you can get to know them in the first passionate phases of a new relationship. As Dagny details in the chorus:

You should come over / Let me get to know you / I’m picturing you when the light hits your face in the morning / Yeah, I need to know you / You should come over”

Speaking about the new song, Dagny said: “I am beyond excited to finally introduce ‘Come Over’, the first single from my upcoming debut album. The song is a pretty self explanatory, cheeky little thing that celebrates the “meet and greet: phase of a (potential) relationship. Let me put it like this: if you meet someone you’re intrigued by, then ‘Come Over’ is your fearless, ballsy and excited invitation to get to know’em…particularly if they are a fireman who likes puppies.”

“Come Over” is a delicious taste of Dagny’s long-awaited debut album, which is due for release later this year.

“Now – more than ever – am I able to be personal in my music. I want to tell stories that mean something to me, but that others also can relate to,” Dagny says, talking about her impending music.