Christian Cohle – Breathe

Dublin-based Christian Cohle today unveils his beautifully melancholic debut, “Breathe”.

The singer, songwriter and producer explains that “Breathe” “was predominantly informed by experiences I was going through at the time, but also very much influenced by the neo-noir science fiction film, Blade Runner 2049.”

Accompanying the new song is a stunning visual, directed by award-winning Irish indie filmmaker Tristan Heanue. It features a mix of captivating, abstract shots of Christian’s profile and stunning landscapes of the artist on a beach at dawn as he sings the lyrics to “Breathe”.

The track, which unpacks the internal difficulty of feeling tied to something that turns out to be artificial, interlinks perfectly with the visual, which follows a character who is unable to flee his own emotions.

The character struggles as his sense of connectivity to his world declines, and he is forced to adjust,” Tristan explains. “Gradually he moves between this captivity and liberation, sometimes only briefly until he finally crosses over the threshold, and is freed, accepting his reality.”

“Breathe” is the first taste of Christian’s independently released LP, Holy Trouble, due to be released later this year.