Lauran Hibberd

Where did you draw the inspiration for your ‘slacker pop’ sound?
It was kind of a happy accident really! I took in some funny little pop songs to my producers, Boe Weaver, and they sent me home with a Weezer record and the rest is history. We just started making my pop songs feel influenced by that garage underground scene, and it became my ‘thing’ from that point onwards really. I don’t know who started calling it slacker pop, but I rate it a lot.

You spent a good chunk of 2019 on the road, touring with Hippo Campus and The Regrettes, as well as playing Glasto! How do you stay grounded when you’re travelling so much?
Yes! It was a mad crazy year. I think I was too tired to not be grounded, and my band are like my best mates really so we’ve always just rode the wave and had fun but also kept our heads down really. I have a super supportive family, so their encouragement has always been at the centre for me. I just feel lucky to have a great team of good people around me. It makes this process so much easier.

You’ve just finished your second headline tour – what were some of the highlights from that?
WOW! It was amazing. I’m so used to being the support band, so to headline my own tour and sell out shows, and have people queuing outside for me… is just mental to be honest! My highlight has to be Manchester, the crowd knew every word to every song and had stacks of energy. I experienced my very first mosh pit to ‘Call Shotgun’. It was awesome.

You’re playing at All Points East and Truck festival this year. What do you love about playing festivals especially?
I’m suuuuper excited, because I’ve actually NEVER BEEN to Truck or All Points East and have been dying to go for years – so to be on the line-up is just a dream come true for me. I love playing festivals in which I adore the line-up, and to see my name next to a band I love and think… how did that happen? It’s a great feeling! Can’t wait to experience it first-hand.

What are your favourite songs to play live?
‘Call Shotgun’ always gets a great response live, alongside ‘Hoochie’ and ‘Bang Bang Bang’. My personal favourite is ‘Shark Week’ though, it’s such a shift in dynamic in the set but it really hits hard and it’s amazing to see the reaction to it. People sort of wave their iPhone torches around and I feel all gooey.