Top Trends to Watch Out for in Spring/Summer 2020

The succeeding season’s trends are often predicted and discussed even in the midst of the current season. While we’re still clad in overcoats with large lapels, leather pants, and the deep colors of Fall/Winter 2019, forecasting next season’s trends already makes ditching these layers more exciting – especially when the weather permits.

So, here are the top trends to watch out for in Spring/Summer 2020 so that you step into the new decade in style:

Not-Your-Grandmother’s Crochet
It’s time to get crafty; crochet is back. Fashionista reports that the preference for more sustainably-made clothes is one motivation behind the re-emergence of crochet, which takes careful time and effort. While this may bring back memories of itchy sweaters your grandmother used to knit you on occasions, next season’s modern take will show a lot more skin. From knit crop tops to plunging necklines by brands like Kate Spade or Stella McCartney, perhaps you can start creating your own handmade interpretations of the trend by the time Spring rolls around.

”60s Wallpaper” Prints
This lightweight hooded jacket in a khaki bouquet by Woman Within is reminiscent of the classic floral wallpaper trend that dominated homes during that decade. These retro prints are set to infiltrate the collections of some of the biggest names in fashion, spicing them up with some color and patterns. Variations in prints include kitschier floral patterns, to bigger and more psychedelic looking shapes. Wearing these prints is sure to make you feel like you are traveling back in time.

Disco Collars
Succeeding the re-emergence of 60s prints is the disco collar made famous in the 70s. Featured on polos, coats, and jackets, designers are contrasting colors to really let the collars pop. These sharp-angled collars offer a bold update to your average top or outerwear. Harper’s Bazaar features a bunch of options in varying levels of starkness, from a subtler cream trench coat, to a stark black-and-white, modern rendition of John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever suit.

Bermuda Shorts
Although Bermuda shorts might be perceived frumpy and unflattering, their appearance on runways has proven that is just how you style them. Bottega Veneta and Givenchy have reimagined the androgynous look as a piece for a classic suit. You could even pair it with the aforementioned disco collar trend, or even a matching vest which is also set to make a comeback. Zara has a more affordable option in a houndstooth print – perhaps permitting shorts as wearable in the office, when paired with a nicely tailored suit.

Leather for Spring
You might not be ready to let go of your Fall/Winter leather just yet, and the good news is that you might not even have to. The Spring/Summer version of leather looks come in colorful pieces, from jackets, to skirts, and pants. This unexpected material will make you a true showstopper, especially if you choose brighter and bolder pieces. Marie Claire’s buttery soft Spring leather options include mustard yellow vegan leather tops and neutral boyfriend blazers and cargo pants that you can keep on wearing until Fall arrives with added layers.

As we approach a new decade, it’s ironic that a lot of the trends that are set to dominate are interpretations of past trends. It is an exciting opportunity to bring out some of these pieces you may have already inherited, or to invest in pieces that will probably make their own comebacks in the future that you can likewise pass on. At the end of the day, it’s all about reinvention.