taylor noelle
photo: Zoë Thomas / Press

Premiere: Taylor Noelle – Rely

Since turning heads with her devastatingly heart-breaking anthem “Words” back in 2018, Taylor Noelle has continued to stunningly showcase her unique alt-pop sensibility. Much like “Words,” her 2019 follow-up track “End Of The Night” saw the extraordinarily talented Nashville songstress beautifully deliver lyricism that felt personal yet easily accessible and engaging. After collaborating ELEVNS & Camden on the intoxicating summer anthem “Got You” this year, Noelle unveiled a duo of new tracks – “What Can I Do” & “Rely.”

“Rely” sees Taylor Noelle work with frequent collaborator Joey Brodnax. The ambitious video is anchored beautifully by Noelle’s subtle yet engaging performance throughout, which sees her thrust into a variety of differing scenarios. The video beautifully amplifies the song’s emotional poignancy, while still allowing every individual viewer to experience the song through their own subjective lens.

Managing to simultaneously convey both the jubilant joy that’s embodied within the track’s production and the distressingly multi-faceted emotion that inspired that song’s lyrical sentiment the video takes the viewer on an exhilarating journey. Much like the track itself, the video effortlessly manages to occupy your headspace in a remarkably reassuring and stirringly moving fashion. The contrasting juxtaposition of the euphoric joy & all-consuming sorrows within “Rely” sees both multi-faceted emotions seamlessly complement each other to paint a vividly authentic portray of an inexplicably difficult emotional journey in an alluringly extraordinary manner. In its own unique way, the song feels comfortingly familiar, yet miraculously unprecedented. Ultimately though, this visceral song will you leave you contemplating past loves and cause bittersweet memories to flicker around your mind.

Taylor Noelle’s unparalleled enthused devotion and evident passion throughout the song and its accompanying video is intensely infectious. Even though sonically the track embodies a more spirited sense of joviality than some of her previous work, the song still sees Noelle ruminatively reflects on her experiences in an engaging fashion that’s magnificently unapologetic

Speaking about the video’s creative process, Noelle shared, “Making the ‘Rely’ video was an amazing experience. Working with Joey Brodnax is always a dream. We conceptualized together how to further explore and express the emotions of the song — sadness, anger, confusion, heartache. Actually shooting with video with Joey and our DP Drew Bauml was an insanely fun and creative and collaborative process. And it was made even better working with lovely people like Allie Brodnax, Andy Judd, and my fabulous band.”

Even in songs drenched in uncertainty and doubt, Taylor Noelle remains confidently self-assured in a way so few artists can pull off. With more music on the near horizon, it’s safe to say that Taylor Noelle is definitely an artist to watch.