The 1975 – Me & You Together Song

The 1975 have returned to the spotlight with their new track “Me & You Together Song” premiering as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1 on January 16th. Following the vastly different recent releases “Frail State of Mind” and “People”, fans had no idea what to expect.

Luckily, “Me & You Together Song” is hard to hate and soft in its message. Lead singer Matty Healy puts his emotions proudly on display, sharing dreams of domesticity amongst jangly guitars and bouncy drums. In comparison to its Notes On A Conditional Form single predecessors, “Me & You Together Song” is hardly anything groundbreaking and Earth shaking, but it doesn’t aim to be. The bright and bubbly vibes are reminiscent of a teenage mixtape in early 2000s film, aligning itself with Healy’s original aim to use the track on a score for a secret side project.

I’ve been in love with her for ages / And I can’t seem to get it right / I fell in love with her in stages / My whole life

“Me & You Together Song” also finds its place in the world of Healy and his band mates as being within the style of Drive Like I Do – the band’s name and form in it’s early stages. Healy shared on BBC Radio 1, “Notes On A Conditional Form has been this almost like, retrospective experience at times, so we’ve kind of been looking back at like where we came from musically, and this just felt like the kind of music that we grew up with”.

The feel-good vibes of “Me & You Together Song” have been assisting in softening the blow of the announcement that the band’s fourth coming album Notes On A Conditional Form will be moved from a February 21st release to an April 24th release. Also helping to calm the waters of the fanbase is the announcement that the album will have a whopping 22 tracks, forming a total of approximately an hour and 20 minutes.

The band are set to gradually release some more singles across their U.K. tour from late February to early March, then take their nice big finished and fully released LP around North America from late April to mid June.