Tame Impala – Lost In Yesterday

It’s all hands on deck for Tame Impala. Alongside the announcement of headlining Bonnaroo Festival comes new track “Lost In Yesterday”, the final single set for the artist’s fourth studio album The Slow Rush, which is just around the corner for a February 14th release date.

With a packed schedule comes focusing on the future, but that’s not always easy, as “Lost In Yesterday” explores.

The track is described as “a deep dive into the addictive nature of nostalgia” and “an examination of time’s distorting effect on memories”, with Kevin Parker attempting to break the habit of looking back.

“Lost In Yesterday” goes full cathartic approach towards the heaviness of bad times getting morphed into good memories. Combining a pulsing bass line reminiscent of Lonerism’s “Elephant” with a rollercoaster harmony reminiscent of Currents’ “Let It Happen”, the track tinges it’s psychological subject matter with juicy and bouncy loops.

“‘Cause it might have been somethin’, who’s to say? Does it help to get lost in yesterday?”

Tame Impala are set to kick off their North American tour for The Slow Rush in March, with a headline spot at London’s All Points East on May 23rd and the Bonnaroo headline spot set for June 14th.