Mathilda Homer – Too Much

We all know the sinking feeling you get when you’ve been oversaturated with bad news. It seems like everywhere we turn, from the TV and papers to social media and conversations with our friends and family, doom and gloom follows us around like a black cloud. But sometimes, darkness can inspire creativity. Mathilda Homer‘s latest release “Too Much” is one such example of this.

“I’ve never had a song come more naturally to me,” Mathilda explains. “It’s my stream of consciousness after reading the news. Still today when I sing it, it puts me in this contemplative space.”

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“How much pain / Can you feel / Until it gets too much” Mathilda sings softly on the opening verse of “Too Much”. It’s a beautifully pained but cathartic ballad. Set against a downtempo, lightly jazzy melody, Mathilda’s signature breathy vocals relay her all-too-relatable feelings about the state of the world today.

“Yes I understand / You can’t feel happy every day / I’ve come to understand / You’re gonna get sad on the way / How much could I take / Of being down”

Mathilda told us in an interview last year that she tends to capture lyrics on her phone when she feels inspired, so that she can later “bring [them] out in times of need.”

“Too Much” is the 21-year-old’s first single of the new decade. Her last release, the lovely “Baby Blue Eyes” was one of three singles she released last year, along with “Sunny Like You” and “Probably Sorry” – her most popular track to date.

Catch Mathilda at her residency ‘Mathilda Homer & Family’ at London’s Laylow club beginning on February 27th.