Dalton Harris – Cry

With a ballad as powerful as his latest single, “Cry”, it is not a surprise that the United Kingdom crowned Dalton Harris the winner of The X Factor in 2018. 

When it comes to emotion, Dalton never holds back. Whether it is through his own music or covers such as Beyonce’s “Listen”, or “Creep” by Radiohead, the power of his vocals and passion for music shines through. What Dalton does best is makes the listener feel how he’s feeling and what that shows is the sign of a true artist. 

Relationships are not always easy and Dalton is not telling us otherwise. Even though the lyrics, “I just let the guitar cry”, he let the music do the talking. Music can be a powerful way to let out feelings and this is what Dalton does with his new track. It’s okay to not be okay. 

Life isn’t perfect. We all know that. But Dalton lets listeners know that it’s about how you bounce back from tough times that makes us the people we are today.

For some, after a breakup, it’s never quite the same. Dalton takes us on a journey of heartbreak, as well as the realization of it being the end. And the end is not always a bad thing. “Cry” will be a song that many will relate to. 

With this being Dalton’s debut single, this is a pretty strong start. Since his first X Factor audition up to now, emotion, passion and a journey is what we could expect when it comes to new music from Dalton Harris.