MGMT – In The Afternoon

Getting in their first release of 2019 just before the year comes to a close, MGMT have returned with the hauntingly euphoric track “In The Afternoon”.

After testing the waters with a live performance of the song at the band’s Las Vegas show in late November, the rock-pop duo have released a DIY studio version and accompanying video – their first independent release after departing from Columbia Records.

The band mentioned on Instagram, “As usual and by design these songs may discompose emotionally sensitive constitutions. Please consume with caution.”

“In The Afternoon” layers fast-paced keys and breezy bass with drawn out vocals chanting poetic lyrics. The track takes the edge of The Cure and gives it a psychedelic touch, slowly moving deeper into the darkness much more than their previous albums would ever suggest.

In the afternoon, yellow curtains drawn, designed with comfort in mind, glowering into the night light”

The self-directed video compiles together projections of renaissance art and décor, cats, forests, and of course Andrew Vanwyngarden stoically singing while Ben Goldwasser carefully strums. Visuals are inverted and overlaid with heavy lights, swirled patterns, and splashes of neon and rainbow.

Alongside the release of “In The Afternoon”, MGMT also announced that another new track titled “As You Move Through The World” will be included as a B-side on the recent release’s limited edition 12” vinyl, currently available for pre-order and due for arrival in late March next year.