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Louis Tomlinson – Don’t Let It Break Your Heart

Fans of Louis Tomlinson are being spoiled these weeks. After announcing his highly anticipated debut album and first headlining tour, the singer is back with yet another single off of forthcoming record Walls. Debuting the new track with a live performance on the X-Factor, somewhat of home turf for Tomlinson, he was able to truly showcase the emotion coded into the lyrics of “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart.”

Because if there’s one thing that Tomlinson does well, it’s conveying emotion both in his writing and in his voice. “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart” is a paradoxical track that speaks about heartbreak in a reassuring, almost uplifting way. The same conversational and simple yet colorful narration of his own feelings that s so characteristic of his repertoire overall are what make this song into an honest and empowering anthemic ballad.

When asked about “Don’t Let It Break Your Heart,” he said that it’s a song he’s “really proud of. It’s a song about hope and seeing the glass as half full.” It’s a recurring theme in his music and one that is surely appreciated by his fans. Music can be therapeutic not just for its creator, but also for whoever takes it all in. To have someone tell you that it’s okay to feel sadness, but you shouldn’t let it swallow you whole, is sometimes a much-needed reassurance and encouragement in life. As Tomlinson sings in the chorus: “Don’t you let it kill you // Even when it hurts like hell // Oh, whatever tears you apart // Don’t let it break your heart // Time takes time to heal it // You can’t do it by yourself // Oh, whatever tears you apart // Don’t let it break your heart.”

Given the personal tragedies, Tomlinson has had to go through in the last couple of years, the message holds added meaning – these aren’t just words of encouragement. They’re a mantra that Tomlinson himself lives by as well. Even though “life gets hard and it gets messed up when you give so much and it’s not enough / When the high’s too high, and the low’s too low / When you love someone and they let you go,” he’s persisting still.

But it’s not just the lyrics that’ll swirl around in your mind upon first listen – it’s also the instantly recognizable fingerpicked guitar intro that leaves you wanting more. As the track progresses, the melody builds with added drums and keys until a drop hits right before the chorus. That’s when the song flips to a full-bodied anthemic sound that’s just waiting to be played live in arenas around the world.