Vaughan – Isabella

British singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Vaughan, has released the powerful visuals to accompany his latest track “Isabella”.

Having started out in the music industry as a songwriter for heavy hitters such as BMI, Universal and Sony ATV, Vaughan (AKA Thomas Harvey) is now carving out his solo career.

The intimate setting ties into the song’s story perfectly; how the artist struggled to come to terms with his sexuality for most of his life and hoped that a relationship with a woman would change the way he felt. It’s the third single he’s released this year, following his debut “I AM” and the follow-up track, “Living People”.

“Isabella / I wish it was over / You’re not my answer” Vaughan sings on the chorus, lyrically encapsulating the claustrophobia of his inner turmoil.

We created such an honest reflection of how I was feeling at that time and I’m really proud of what we’ve all created,” Vaughan explained. “I was so torn between wanting to be honest with my sexuality and who I am, but also afraid to face that truth. Isabella showed me that being queer was something that I couldn’t change.”

Filmed at London’s Bush Hall, the delicate video plays “on the theme of identity”, comments Matt Dempsey of Masses Collective and director music video. “Vaughan’s lyrics are about trying to be someone he’s not so we wanted to reflect this with a sense of disorientation. He’s also looking for clarity so we created an arc in the narrative that shows this, going through feelings of passion, intimacy and even aggression because he’s fighting these conflicting emotions.”

Having been previously compared to the likes of Banks and FKA Twigs, Vaughan’s soft, soaring vocals make for a remarkable beginning to his career.