Tom Walker – Heartbeats

Honesty is pivotal in these dark times. Screaming for hope wouldn’t look out of place in a crowd these days and love is still the go to medication for human functionality.

Singer/songwriter Tom Walker pens incredible love stories that don’t always point to the soft core of ‘lust’ but take the listener on a journey of self-reflection. He wants us to feel the storm before the calm.

His new single “Heartbeats” is a narrative-driven masterclass. Walker is addressing a friend who is dear to him. He wants to save this vulnerable person who is subsiding slowly but surely. This friend is also craving closure and structure, and Walker would be there in a heartbeat to cut away the pain.

Lyrically, “Heartbeats” is Walker’s strongest play on poetry. The songwriter is a magician when it comes to not adhering to rules but letting his guard down and spurring on his own writing ability. Writing these songs has given him a gateway into different avenues and he’s a grafter and crafter, there’s no doubting that.

From the beginning, Walker addresses his broken friend “Hello my friend / It’s been a while / It’s been a minute since I passed you by / Same cities but we’re miles apart / Four kids, a house and two cars / Remember when we used to rule the world?” these lyrics are clever and poignant. Walker has a distinctive way with text, spreading his wisdom and emotions. This character he speaks of, used to be his partner in trying to build dreams.

Walker’s voice here is toned well. He sings beautifully and the instrumentals beating behind are tuned to an expert level. Throughout the song he lifts his vocals, exercising them, never straining them. Over the course, the track morphs into a symphonic, cathartic, homage to a fallen ally.

Walker isn’t your linear singer/songwriter. He has the ability to alter the landscape of his chosen genre. His contributions ooze talent and assertiveness, and “Heartbeats” is another cog in the musician’s powerfully adept machine.