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Jake Bugg – Kiss Like The Sun

If there were still any doubters out there about the future of Brit Pop’s presence in music – rest assured. With new releases by artists such as Sam Fender, Louis Tomlinson, The 1975 and Catfish and the Bottlemen, the genre is experiencing somewhat of a renaissance. Jake Bugg contributes to the ever-growing collection of new age Britpop with his latest release “Kiss Like The Sun,” his first with RCA Records.

Even though the song’s just 2 minutes and 56 seconds, it’s jam-packed with adrenaline and is guaranteed to get you up and at it. Co-written by hit producer/composer Andrew Watt, the new track has a contagious upbeat clap and guitar riff that give the song an almost country-leaning rock sound. Talking about their collaboration, Bugg said: “I love working with Andrew Watt and I’m really pleased with the sound of this track. I wanted to write something that was fun and a bit light-hearted.”

What’s interesting is that the chorus itself is perhaps the most stripped-down part of the track, flipping the sonic progression we’re used to in songs right on its head. However, that switch emphasizes the cheeky nature of the lyrics, as Bugg croons that he “wasn’t trying to hurt you” with his sun-like kisses. Either it’s meant to be a non-apology, or a warning – considering the fact he sings he’s “only saving you from someone else like me.” Whatever it may be, he makes sure we can hear it loud and clear during the chorus, while maintaining the playfulness in sound.

All in all, the catchy tune marks a successful and almost nostalgic return for Bugg to the folk-rock style that fits him so well. Stacked backing vocals and the use of both claps and drums give the song an organic and upbeat feel, immediately making you excited for what else is left to come out of Bugg’s fifth studio album. Until then, you can listen to “Kiss Like The Sun” here: