Maisie Peters for EUPHORIA by Pip

Maisie Peters – It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral, EP

The Gen Z relatability queen drops her sophomore EP

British singer-songwriter Maisie Peters has today dropped her second EP, It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral.

The six-track EP features classic butter-wouldn’t-melt Maisie vocals and melodies that will have you humming for hours.

Today, Maisie shared an emotional Instagram post celebrating the release of her sophomore EP, writing, “It feels like this really concise portal to me aged 19 exactly right this minute right now and it makes me dizzy that this whole little family of us can now dance and scream and cry and stomp to it for the rest of our lives.”

The opening track, “This Is On You”, is a sassy bop about letting go of the person who took you for granted. Released as her third single of 2019, lyrics from the chorus became the title of the EP. “Who gave it all, and held you up / When nobody else gave a fuck? / Who bailed you out? / That was all me,” Maisie sings sweetly, before putting the responsibility rightly back on their shoulders: “And you need me now but I’m clocking out / So this is on you.” 

“Adore You” sees Maisie take a more poppy turn. A perfect radio play, the tune features a summery rhythm, quick, upbeat guitar chords and breathy, happy lyrics such as, “So high that I am floating / So good that I’m outta my head / So low baby I was hurtin’ / You make it better again.”

Track three, “Take Care of Yourself”, is a sentimental, acoustic-style ode to a friend who always puts on a brave face and lacks confidence in themselves: “I hate how you talk to yourself / It’s not weak if you need to be held.”

“April Showers” is lyrically a very classic Maisie track lamenting an ex moving on with someone new. “When April showers / You wash her hair / She’s got your heart inside her hands / As the water falls / I bet it’s gonna wash out every thought you ever had of me.” Melodically, it features vocoder-tinged vocal layers and a heartbeat synth.

“Look At Me Now” is another heartbreak track, yet this one begins pared-back, with just Maisie’s delicate vocals and a piano the focus. “I’m making a fool of myself / While you’re happy with somebody else / Well look at me, look at me, look at me now.”

The final song on the EP, “Personal Best”, was written with Oh Wonder in their London home. You can feel their magnetic influence on the beautiful, nostalgic track about missing someone. “You’re my favourite escape in the city / And I don’t feel right unless you are here with me / All we are is the greatest of victories / You’re my personal best.”

It’s Your Bed Babe, It’s Your Funeral showcases Maisie’s incredible songwriting ability and solidifies her as a Gen Z relatability queen.