Liza Anne

Pursuing your passions can be terrifying, but when done full force, can be hugely rewarding. At just 19, Nashville-based (then Georgia-based) Liza Anne dropped out of college to pursue her musical career, a risk that has paid off significantly.

In 2017, she released Fine But Dying, her debut album with Arts & Crafts – an emotional body of work that grappled with the realities of her panic disorder and depression. For the last two years, Liza Anne has been solidifying herself as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Since, she has toured with Ray LaMontagne, joined Paramore for their inaugural Arts + Friends festival, walked in NYFW and opened select nights on Kacey Musgraves’, “Oh, What A World” tour. And in February of 2018, she had her national television debut, performing ‘Paranoia’ live on Conan.

“It’s all been so surreal,” she said in an interview. “Those artists have all been pivotal to my understanding of creation and performance, so it felt really amazing to be invited into their worlds to do my own thing.”

Now, she is exploding back onto the scene with her newest single, “Devotion”. The song contains an anthemic 80s rock sound – brash, bold and extremely fun. But, while the song may cause you to want to headbang along in your car, the lyrics are every bit as emotionally intelligent as anything she has done in the past.

She sings, “I’ll do anything for her, she’s my longest love,” in the song’s chorus, an unapologetic statement to herself – and everyone else – that she is focusing on her own self-care and reclaiming her independence.

Liza Anne is on a journey of growth and healing and is creating beautiful art along the way.